Our approach: understand your needs and meet your expectations

We’re committed to providing quality service, convincing results and a tailored approach.

We strive to demonstrate our understanding of your special needs. We work to provide the right solutions, both for investments and tax reporting to the IRS (1099 reporting).

Innovation means combining traditional service with sophisticated investment management
SSA Our concept

We understand the special constraints of managing the accounts of U.S. clients, residing in and outside the United States. We provide international investment expertise with a special focus on Europe.

Working with you transparently and for the long term are the keys to our success.


Our strengths: Swiss reliability and expertise

You get the best of both worlds when we manage your investment assets: the solid banking, political stability and financial expertise that make Switzerland's reputation and the sophisticated, high-performance management typically associated with institutional managers.

Success should be limitless,
regardless of borders.

Our management provides you with an essential asset: diversification. Investing in different regions and currencies lets you expand your investment opportunities and, most importantly, ensures better risk spreading.

Our talents: active management and capital preservation

From an investment standpoint, the best management preserves your capital. Our approach is more reassuring, tries to avoid declines and helps ensure a stable return over the long term.

We use active management to ensure excellent results. This undeniable asset, based on strong convictions, enables us to outperform the benchmark index.

The art of taking risks consists
in managing them

Our active management is responsive, dynamic, rigorous and flexible. It adjusts to unexpected situations and changes in macroeconomic scenarios. We adhere to disciplined processes that ensure transparency in decision-making and reproducible results.

SSA investment process

Our team: talent and experience

We emphasise experience in wealth management. Market experience, of course, which enables us to keep our cool in the face of unexpected events, but also experience in human relations to better anticipate your expectations and understand your needs.